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Antique Restoration

Antique restoration includes the repair, restoration and refinishing of any antique that you want to be preserved, and brought back to life.

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Tractor Restoration

Complete tractor and engine restoration includes restoring parts, cleaning and reassembling so your tractor is better than new.

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Other Services

Other services include tune-ups, mechanical repair, welding, sand/media blasting, painting, yard art, private party work and more.

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What's Deere to Me

Fixing broken equipment in the field to keep the farm running, has led to my life's passion: restoring things back to the way they were.

My grandparents taught me to not throw things away. Unfortunately in today’s world, that is mostly unheard of. My hope is to preserve yesterday for tomorrow. I don't like to throw out the things of old, but instead I like to fix them so there is something to show the next generation.
- Clinton Noll