About Clint’s Restorations:

From fixing broken equipment in the field to keep the farm running, and thinking “how can we make this work more efficiently”, has lead to my passion for restoration. Driving a beautifully restored tractor and or equipment that most would say “I would not waste my time taking it to the scrap yard” has turned into “hopefully a dream come true”: Clint’s Restorations!

My grandparents taught me not to throw things away. In today’s world, that is unheard of. What, fix it? Oh no, throw it out and get a new one. Why? about-imageMy hope is to preserve yesterday, for tomorrow. We must not throw out all the things of old, but fix them to show the next generation. I have fixed countless items for friends and relatives growing up. Working alongside my dad, I learned to fix and sell equipment to make a buck.

The list to name all things I have fixed is too long, from form boats to dune buggies, and 4-wheelers to jet skis, from a 1925 spoker D to a modern day skid steer. In the photo gallery I have photos of things I have made, and things I have restored and worked on, mostly antique tractors. I also restore small items, pedal tractors, toys, Signs, candy machines, coke machines, gas pumps.

Anything considered an antique or a keepsake, is something I can restore to like new condition. Let me take a childhood play toy or a prized possession and restore it to its former beauty!

Along with my family and business, what I hold “Deere” to me:

For the past several years my dad and I have supported several FFA Chapters with tractor projects. I will continue to support any chapter that wants to restore a tractor or build something in the youth or stock shows.

before-green-tractorI take great pride in going to antique tractor and engine shows all over the USA. I try and participate in as many in Texas as I can. I encourage anyone to take part of any show in Texas, to see the great pride taken in preserving old relics that come to life at the shows.

I also have a 5 gallon Ice Cream maker that I run off the “PTO” of my Styled 1950 John Deere B at different functions and church picnics! There is no better feeling than when you hand a child a cup of homemade Ice Cream and see their face light up. Priceless.

I will continue to help several antique clubs in Texas. I will try my hardest to preserve yesterday for tomorrow in the form of saving antique items of all for all to see for years to come!