Antique Restoration

Antique restoration is the art of preserving yesterday, for tomorrow.

I have restored several antique items in the past, including pedal tractors, toys, signs, candy machines, coke machines, and gas pumps. The look on people’s faces when their antique is brought back to life, makes this a job worth doing right.

Let me take your antique or keepsake, childhood play toy or prized possession, and make it look as good as the day it was purchased.

Similar to tractor restoration, these steps vary by project yet often include:

1. Inspecting the antique
2. Completely dissembling the antique
3. Repairing damaged parts, or replacing parts too far gone “as a last resort”
4. Bolt and nut restoration
5. Sand blasting
6. Cleaning
7. Priming
8. Removing dents
9. Re-priming
10. Sanding
11. Inspecting for blemishes
12. Painting (using a special paint that is resistant to gas, light acid, and sun fading)
13. Wet sanding
14. Painting
15. Re-assembling

Hold and drag the slider arrows to see the full before and after images of the antique toy restoration.