Other Services

Tune up
If you forget to cut off the gas or have not started a piece of equipment for months and you cannot start it, that’s where I come in. A good tune up is better than some people’s overhaul. On anything from a lawn mower to a V12, I can go through fuel systems, clean out and rebuild carburetors, change out points to solid state ignition, change plugs and wires, change all filters and fluids… you name it. Whether you need to just get it going for old time sake, or to get it working again for every day use, give me a call and we can discuss your specific needs.

Mechanical Repair
I can restore parts or components of tractors, engines or other equipment. If you are a do-it-yourself type and need a little assistance with some of the parts, I can help. I have several relationships with people and machine shops all throughout the USA where I can get certain parts cheaper, for someone to then fix or repair something on their own.

If it is metal and can or could be put back together, I can repair it. Call me so I can learn more about the assistance you need.

Sand and Media Blasting
I can do sand, soda, walnut… “any media” blasting. I offer a variety of different sand/media blasting options with all of my restorations. It only depends on where or what the part is that allows me to use the correct media. For example around bearings, I will use a soda media that leaves no grit behind to harm the bearing.

If you have something you need painted, I can take care of your needs. Whether you need something painted a different color, or just a paint job to help keep something from rusting, I can suit your needs with a job that will be the way and the color you desire.

Yard Art
There is a growing number of people that want to have aesthetic pleasing yards with small pieces of old equipment for focal or accent pieces. I have old plows, tractors and equipment that I arrange to sell for yard art. Let me know the size and space, color or rustic look desired, and the surroundings you plan to have yard art and I can help get you the piece you so desire.

Private Work
Private party work, is done solely for large or super rare collectors who remain nameless, and never have pictures taken of their prized possessions. I will simply pick up my shop, and take it to you.