Tractor Restoration

Complete tractor and engine restoration done the right way: Restoring parts, cleaning and reassembling so your tractor is better than new.

Getting a tractor back to its original beauty is a long, and intense process. The work needed to fix all of the tractor’s imperfections vary with each project.

These steps often include:

1. Inspecting the tractor
2. Completely dissembling the tractor
3. Repairing damaged parts, or replacing parts too far gone “as a last resort”
4. Bolt and nut restoration
5. Sand blasting
6. Cleaning
7. Priming
8. Removing dents
9. Re-priming
10. Sanding
11. Inspecting for blemishes
12. Painting (using a special paint that is resistant to gas, light acid, and sun fading)
13. Wet sanding
14. Painting
15. Re-assembling

A tractor after
The same tractor above, after the complete restoration had been completed.after-black-tractor
Fully restored John Deere tractors.